Driving Issues in NZ

The issues surrounding anti social behaviours on New Zealand roads are inherent within a system that until recently accepted these as the norm. Fortunately, society has now reacted against this conduct and no longer is drink driving, speeding and other abhorrent behaviours regarded as “acceptable”. Unfortunately. these behaviours remain prevalent, resulting in tragic circumstances that spread like the ripple effect creating an atmosphere of  unprecedented grief. Certainly, despite the best endeavours of New Zealand Police and a ground swell against drink driving underpinned by huge investment into anti drink driving campaigns in a variety of media , the problem remains. Emergency services, police, councils and a myriad of other agencies are combining to make an impact but 2018 and now in 2019 the stats are worsening despite the millions invested in TV adverts and campaigns. Ask anyone involved in the tragedies if things are improving and the resounding answer will be a deafening NO!!! The Right Track – Te Ara Tutuki Pai is one answer to the issue. Hopefully, with the advent of new initiatives throughout New Zealand we can at least contribute to the task and reduce the road toll.