About The Right Track Programme

The Right Track – Te Ara Tutuki Pai (TRT) and The Right Track Repeat Impaired Drivers programme (TRT RID) are educational initiatives devised as a proactive approach to aberrant driver behaviour. They are intended to educate, motivate, challenge, inspire and inform people through a range of experiences that will impact upon them,their families and communities in order to help them make better decisions and choices in the future.

The programme –

    • ­targets young people, adults and recidivist offenders that have been apprehended for Driving Offences including, but are not limited to, ­Excess Breath Alcohol, Speeding, Loss of Traction, Failure to Stop, Driving without a Licence, Driving Carelessly or Recklessly Causing Injury. The offender is referred to The Right Track via a variety of pathways either through an Alternative Action Plan, Police Diversion, Family Group Conference, Courts by way of Judicial or Community Magistrate sentence, Probation Service or by Self Referral;


    • targets the offender’s whanau and immediate community as each participant is required to have a support person(s) with them for the duration of the programme;


    • ­is based on participation in a 42-hour programme over a period of five to eight weeks during which the learners are required to attend all of nine sessions staged on Midweek evenings (7.00pm – 9.30pm) and Saturdays (8.00am – 5.00pm);


    • ­features a particular theme or emphasis in each session and involves a range of multi-dimensional, experiential learning activities, utilising cognitive learning therapy that creates an awakening or realisation of the effects that their behaviour has initiated and is designed for maximum impact. The diverse range of presentations ensures that all learners, whatever their learning style, have the potential to understand and learn from each activity;


    • ­includes a Learner  Workbook with a range of learning support activities to be completed during sessions, and a Learner and Supporter Evaluation Section completed after each session to gauge responsiveness to learning, effect of the session and feedback for facilitators and relevant stakeholders.;


  • is an innovative, evolving programme of activities that continues to develop as each session unfolds.