The Right Track

Te Ara Tutuki Pai

The Right Track - a driving related programme for changing young peoples lives

The Right Track (TRT) is an initiative designed and developed by the Eduk8 Charitable Trust and is multi-experiential, highly effective programme, which has a profound influence on the lives of participants and supporters.

Although driving-related, the effects of TRT reach far more deeply into the lives of the attendees, their whanau and communities. TRT uses real-life scenarios and presentations from a broad range of facilitators and genuine people who care and want to make a difference. Eduk8 is indebted to those involved in the delivery of the programme and the support given by  Judges, Community Magistrates, Courts, NZ Police, NZ Fire Service, St.John Ambulance , District Health Board Trauma Teams, Auckland and Burwood Spinal Units, and incredible presenters including  Chris Hanley, Katrina Spence, Rachel Borsteinas,  Tim Lockwood, Alf Filipaina, Allison Campbell and many others who have contributed their time, wisdom and expertise during the past fifteen years years.

“Unsung Heroes” a TVNZ Series in January 2013 featured the role of the volunteers on the programme and is one way to understand the nature of what is undertaken.

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Statistics for this programme confirm an 80% non-recidivism rate since inception – February 2007 – clearly indicating the enormous success of the programme and the long term impact on this high risk cohort. Interestingly enough, The Right Track, according to NZ Police Statistics released in March 2012 and subsequent NZ Police Evaluations Waikato, has changed the behaviours and attitudes of the attendees  to such a degree that not only has the programme changed their driving behaviours but it has also changed their other offending patterns, a remarkable  feat. This is evidenced in the 2018 Waikato NZ Police Report that showed a 96% reduction in offences attributed to participants two years after completing their programmes.

The most recent evaluation/report conducted by a joint initiative between NZ Police and Waikato University  and published June 2019 reinforces the incredible success of the Right Track Repeat Impaired Drivers programme  (TRT RID Waikato). TRT RID Waikato is not only a proven success with in excess of 75% non reoffending two years after programme completion but also sets the standard in international best practice and all this with the most difficult recidivist offending cohort. Testament once again to the Right Track whanau and the undoubted success of the programmes.


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