What do the participants say about The Right Track?

What do the participants who have completed The Right Track say about the programme?
Here is a selection of excerpts from the graduating participants evaluations.

“I’ve changed a lot, my thoughts and feelings have changed. It’s made a big difference about the choices I make. Learnt a lot about drink driving and I know not to do it again. Big difference, it helped a lot. Made me think about my behaviour carefully. I now know right from wrong because of the things I experienced on the course I’ve become open-minded about choices, one little thing could affect so many others. Life changing, amazing, awesome.”

“It did make me think about what I had done and made me think about future decisions.”

“It’s a wake up call for me.”

“Some of the messages I will never forget!”

“It got me thinking about making the right choices.”

“I can’t put into words the amount of change I have experienced.”

“Interesting, thoughtful and a lot to think about.”

“Extraordinary. I am a different person now!”

“It definitely changed my point of view of getting behind the wheel. During the programme I experienced unforgettable things… it was all worth it.”

“…because I learnt a lot along the way. Deep down hopefully we all got the message throughout this amazing journey… I was fortunate enough to be on this programme and silly enough to be caught drink driving.”

“.. This course has made me think twice about my actions and how those actions could affect so many other people.”

“… All the stories like Tamati, Jackie, Alf, Brenda and Chris have taken my breath away…”

“…I learnt heaps, thank you to all those people who took the time to put the right message in my head….”

” The parents that came along were amazing. It wasn’t just us that were learning it was the parents and supporters too…”

” This is a life changing experience that everyone should go through..”

” This programme is unbelievable!!! It has changed the way I think – I will make the right choices. Everyone should be made to go through it. Not just the ones that get caught.”