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The September 2016 MSD CYF Report has now been received and makes very positive reading. A couple of important points:
100% of the learners attending the programme did not reoffend whilst on the programme – a remarkable statistic really because this was a really high risk cohort and for them not to reoffend is outstanding. As an addition, to date, Jan 2017,we have not received any information to the contrary to suggest that any of them have reoffended yet – amazing!

The report states that the programme is “value for money” which completely debunks any comment about the programme being expensive – we are a mid range service with ‘off the chart’ success – definitely value for money!!

Thirdly, the report also states that there should be many more referrals with the change in policy meaning that MSD CYF now has responsibility for young adults up to and including 18 years of age, so we look forward to many more referrals and increased funding.

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